Increasing your earnings is an unavoidable necessity, because if your needs as a human never get exhausted, then why should your income?

With an extra source of income, life can be a lot easier because you have more financial power to give yourself the kind of life you want — whether it is affording a better place to live, taking better care of your health or simply saving up for future plans.

There are hundreds of ways to make extra money for yourself but these three quick ideas require very little to set up and yet promise some good returns. 

1. Sell Things You No Longer Use

You probably have a number of items you’ve hardly used in the past year. It could be a pair of shoes you wore only a few times but eventually left abandoned under your bed. Maybe it’s a gadget or piece of furniture you’re tired of keeping. Fortunately, there are online marketplaces where you can enlist these items and get a buyer in no time.

2. Rent Out an Extra Room

If you’ve got an empty room or some extra space in your house, why not bring in a roommate or housemate and make some money off the rent they’ll pay. However, if you’re living in a rented apartment, be careful to check if this is within the agreements on your lease contract.

3. Use Your Car as a Taxi

Occasionally, you can use your car for some commercial driving. This could be on weekends or on your way to or from work. With the impressive taxi apps we have these days you can simply sign up as a part-time driver and find passengers very easily.

4. FairMoney Can Help You Make Extra Cash

To get started on one of your side hustle projects, you’re likely to need some cash. For example, you may want to renovate the room you plan to rent out, service your car before you hit the road, or repair any of those items you think you should sell off. 

So, beyond grabbing a loan from us only when you’re financially stranded, we can help you launch your side hustle and get that extra cash dripping into your pocket.

Getting a loan from FairMoney is easy-peasy. With four simple steps and a few minutes, you can get up to N150,000 credited directly into your bank account.

Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Visit the Google Play Store on your phone, search “FairMoney” and hit the “Install” button.

Step 2: Sign up with Facebook or your phone number, and then answer a few quick questions in 2 minutes. 

Step 3: Receive a loan offer, instantly.

Step 4: Share your bank details to receive your loan.

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