Love really is such a beautiful thing that we have an entire day set aside to celebrate it — Valentine’s Day. The entire world will be filled with love on 14 February. There will be lots of gifts exchanged, romantic gestures and hearts everywhere!

While Valentine’s is a day to show love to your nearest and dearest it doesn’t have to cost the earth, especially if you are on a tight budget. We have put together a few tips to shower your other half with love and celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank. 


Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to plan a nice date with your partner, and a movie date is always an enjoyable and pocket-friendly experience. After the movie, you could grab an affordable meal at a local restaurant or ‘eatery’ you may not have visited before. Since most of our local cinemas are located inside shopping malls, it’s even easier to find affordable meal options.


Staying home on Valentine’s Day does not have to be boring, especially if you are a creative and fun couple. In fact, you may be doing yourself a favour, by avoiding the dreaded ‘Valentine’s traffic’. Planning a romantic date at home is a great way to share Valentine’s with your partner without getting an ‘Insufficient funds’ notification. Make the most of the evening by cooking a meal together, get dressed up like you are both about to visit a nice restaurant for dinner, light some candles, put on your favourite slow tempo Valentine’s playlist and enjoy your delicious home-cooked meal together. Take a trip down memory lane; reminisce about how you met and have an enjoyable time together.


A picnic is a great way to enjoy a meal with your partner without the monotony and cost of a restaurant. For couples looking for peace, solitude and enjoyment on a small budget, a picnic is a viable option. You can pick the perfect spot at a nearby beach or a park to explore the beauty of nature, stock up on some snacks and drinks and have a relaxing time without the anxiety of an impending restaurant bill at the end of the date. Make sure you check the weather and proximity to your home when making plans.

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