The Christmas season is upon us once more. This period is notorious for being one of the busiest of the year, with people hurrying to achieve as much as possible before the year runs out.

At FairMoney, we are all about solving problems and making your life easier, because of this we have collated a list of five ways you can get ready for the Christmas rush.

Increase in Orders

It is the end of the year, people are in a celebratory mood and for a lot of small businesses this translates to higher demand. This might be overwhelming for you if you have not planned on how best to tackle this. One way you can do this is to meet your clients halfway, take their orders and when you think you have taken more than you can possibly handle you should stop taking orders. 

Higher Tariffs

If you run a business in an area where you have to pay dues for owning a stall or need to pay for security monthly, it is best to be aware that the amount you paid last month will be higher than this month, and as you reluctantly add that ₦500 “You know it is Christmas” is the excuse that will explain the hike. Putting this into consideration while planning your expenses is the best way to prepare for this inevitability.

Heavier Traffic

When the end of the year comes around there is a higher urgency in human movement which inadvertently causes traffic. A trip that would usually take 30 minutes may take 20 minutes longer, this can affect appointments and may cause our clients to lose faith in you. Plan your trips and deliveries ahead giving room for 30 minutes of extra time, and when in doubt never forget that Google Maps is your friend.


Right after the rush comes the calm, where most of your customers would be spending the holidays with loved ones. Planning for this will make sure that you are prepared for when demand falls, and if you are feeling like it you can plan your own vacation in tandem with this. 


Tis the season for giving, and the clients who have proven to be most loyal during the year deserve appreciation for their patronage. Show them your appreciation by sending gifts to them. Not only are you getting into the spirit of the season but this is also a way to ensure that you are not forgotten by these clients and to subtly communicate that you are available to do more business with them in the New Year.

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