There has never been a time in the history of humanity where human activities came to a near pause. The spread of the coronavirus has not only caused disruptions to our daily lives but has come with economic uncertainties and a high cost to the global economy. 

Although business activities and physical interactions have been halted, online platforms are very much available. In fact, there has been a major increase in the number of Internet users, social media users, and mobile connections since the lock-down.
This affords you with the right opportunity to venture into an online business and if utilized properly, will help you connect with your customers and offer them real value.

So instead of worrying about your income and feeling helpless, why not try out some of these businesses to survive through this period. Most of them require little or no money but skills;

Teach Online 

If you are skilled or learned in specific fields, this might be a good time to put that skill to use. First, you decide what and who you want to teach, then find the right platform that suits your kind of teaching and audience. For instance, If you want to teach ballet online, you might want to consider a video conferencing tool such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts. It provides a real-time linkup between people in a way that is similar to the traditional face-to-face meeting environment. That way you can teach and watch your students practice.  

Sell Healthcare Products
There has been a major increase in sales of items like a face mask, gloves, hand sanitizers, face shields. You can buy in bulk and sell to family, friends, pharmacies and you can even leverage your social media platforms to advertise a broad range of people and deliver to interested persons via a courier. If you can’t afford to buy in bulk and resell, you can learn to create non-medical masks and gloves and sell to people around you. It’s one of the best ways to generate some income at these difficult times.

Become A Freelancer

Some businesses might be in need of talent and not be willing to recruit or go through the onboarding process this period, so they just outsource certain roles or just utilize freelancers.  There is a huge demand for freelancing tasks related to translation, content writing, graphic designing, programming, etc, so this might be the opportunity to make a living out of freelancing. Join websites like Upwork and Freelancer to get freelance jobs as per your expertise.

Generate Content 

There is a huge spike in the number of people watching videos online during the lockdown just to ease boredom. Create funny, entertaining, informative, or educative content that will draw people’s attention to your pages, and also grow your followers. You can use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or even create a blog. This idea can’t fetch you a good income overnight but will fetch you good money in the long run, through paid advertisements and clicks.

Delivery services

Many people have opted for online shopping to get food, groceries, hygiene supplies, and other essentials, in order to maintain social distance and stay safe. Some businesses now offer delivery services in order to curve the spread of the coronavirus. This is a good time to offer professional delivery services, it will be a very attainable goal if you already own a bike or vehicle.

You might choose to specialise in a specific type of delivery such as food or choose to deliver all kinds of packages.

Start Catering Services
You can earn money by cooking and delivering food for individuals or households. This right here is a cakewalk, if you love cooking and you know how to prepare varieties. Do a market survey to know the prices of foodstuffs, so that you can create a price list for varieties. Proceed to take beautiful images and videos of meals you’ve prepared or get sample images to post on all your social media platforms. Build a good reputation with clients. This will encourage them to patronize you more and also refer to their friends too.

Kindly share these tips with your friends and also drop a comment.

Keep staying safe and healthy!

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