Eating a balanced diet, exercising and having a good sleep are very crucial during times like this. All health advice will revolve around these 3 things, but social distancing sort of complicates this recognized model. 

How can you eat a balanced meal when all you could stock are non-perishable? How do you work out when you are confined at home? How can you have a good rest when you are worried about everything?

Complicated times but here’s how you can manage to stay calm and healthy during this lockdown:

Exercise Regularly

Most gyms are affected by the lock-down which makes going to the gym not feasible at the moment, but it is fine to go for a run, a walk or bicycling outside your home, so long you keep a safe distance. 

You can learn simple daily exercises which are mostly no-equipment-required like squats, burpees, sit-ups, planks, push-ups, skipping, mountain climbers, etc. Most of these exercises require a small space. You can also download a fitness app or join a virtual class. Just go for the type that will help maintain the desired body, mobility, and fitness. I bet you still want to fit into your favourite outfit when this is over. 😀

Eat Healthily

Eating healthy and balanced meals is very important for keeping your immune system in top conditions. The healthiest meals emphasize whole grains, vegetables, and fruits but the uncertainty of how long this social distancing will need to stay has led most people to stock up grains and canned goods, basically non-perishable goods but now is the best time to buy fresh produce. You can cut them up and put them in the freezer; they will last for a few weeks. Some fresh produce like cabbage, carrot, oranges, apples & potatoes can remain fresh in the freezer for a long time. If you must buy canned, dried or frozen goods, choose those low in saturated fat, salt and added sugar, also remember to stay hydrated always.


Ensure you stock up all essential and generic medications. If you are living with any underlying illness, you need to get enough supplies or uninterrupted access to your medications. You don’t want to pay an inconsequential visit to the hospital at this time or suddenly discontinue taking your drugs because you cannot access them as the pharmacy is closed. So stock up.

Manage Your Mental Health

It is normal to feel sad, stressed, confused, scared or angry during a crisis. Limit worry and agitation by lessening the time you and your family spend watching or listening to news about COVID-19. Only seek updates at specific times during the day from trusted sources because sudden and near-constant news reports about an outbreak can cause anyone to be worried. Getting enough rest and sleep is also crucial to every aspect of your health. It helps you manage stress and feel more relaxed. To get enough rest, you need to create a schedule for your daily activity and follow it strictly. This will help you manage time and give enough room for rest. Also, avoid using unhelpful coping substances such as tobacco, alcohol or other drugs to deal with your emotions. If you feel overwhelmed, talk to a health worker, a counselor or friend.

Stay Connected

Since health authorities have recommended limiting physical social contact to contain the outbreak of COVID-19, you need to stay in touch with loved ones and maintain social networks. You can stay connected via mobile phones, emails, social media and video conferencing.

Clean Environment

Make sure your home is clean and hygienic by reducing your risk of spreading germs in the home by washing your hands with soap for 20 seconds or longer upon each return home. Disinfect high touch surfaces daily, including doorknobs, light switch, remotes, toilets, sinks, railings, and faucets. Although, research suggests that surface contamination doesn’t seem to be the primary way the virus spreads (instead, it’s through respiratory droplets expelled by a sick person), but it can’t hurt to wipe down high-touch objects in addition to regular household upkeep, because contamination on surfaces touched by an infected person is one of the ways that COVID-19 spreads.

Kindly submit a comment if you find our tips helpful. 

Keep staying safe and healthy!

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