Some of the most frustrating things to face when you’re in urgent need of money are the excuses people give when they are reluctant to help.

However, this should not come as much of a surprise because people are not always eager to part with money, even if momentarily. 

For this week’s blog post, we have put together a list of relatable excuses that Nigerians make when they do not want to lend out money. We also answer the question of what the alternative is to these displeasing scenarios. 

#Excuse 1: “How I Wish You Asked Yesterday”

The story behind this excuse is usually something about how they had enough money yesterday to have lent some to you, however something unexpected had happened later on that left them with less money to spare. In other words, they’re telling you to find someone else more financially positioned to help you.

#Excuse 2: “I Need This Extra Money For My Ajo

Ajo is another name for thrift collection, where people contribute monthly into a joint savings that allows them to access huge capital when needed. Members of an Ajo community have to be disciplined and consistent with their contribution and may not be able to help you with an impromptu request.

#Excuse 3: “I Also Borrowed What I’m Currently Spending”

This excuse is plain, honest and painfully self-explanatory. The person on the other side of your loan request is simply relieving himself of any obligations by announcing a disclaimer, and asking you to find someone else.

#Excuse 4: “Is There Another Way I Can Assist?”

This is a very special excuse, because your requestee is being careful not to get into your bad books. They really want to be of help, but just not in a monetary way. Instead, they would be fine with dropping you off at your bus stop on your way to work or allowing you eat a meal at their place during the weekends. Unfortunately, in some cases all you truly need is simply cash.

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