At FairMoney our customers are everything. No, seriously. Our customers are so important and that’s why we decided to celebrate them every month and this month, we took it one step further.

FairMoney CEO Laurin Hainy speaks with a customer.

You see, we firmly believe that our customers deserve the best possible experience in using our product and what better way to make sure that happens than to interact with them to find out their pain points and get their feedback on how we could serve them better?

But that is not all. We also want them and their businesses to grow which is why at the FairMoney Customer Day for April 2019, we held a session on how to “How To Grow Your Business With Online/Digital Marketing”.

The event held yesterday April 11, 2019 at the aesthetically pleasing The Nest Hub in Yaba, Lagos. We started off with a welcome address from Joy Uzuegbu, who heads growth and marketing at FairMoney. She spoke about the essence of Customer Day and why it was important to us to interact with our customers this way. She concluded with a preview of what we had in store for the customers – you know, future plans and things like that.

After the welcome address, our Communications Lead, Akindare Okunola, gave a talk on how customers can grow their business through online/digital marketing, a focal point of the event. The session was interactive, covering varying aspects including building a brand persona, following the numbers, identifying a pain point for the customer, watching the competition, and lots more.

Head of growth and marketing, Joy Uzuegbu, speaking to a customer.

Akindare’s talk ended with a round of applause from the customers and a short Q&A followed. Immediately after the Q&A bit, brunch was served in the form of sandwiches, snacks, fruit dessert and tea/coffee from Nylah’s, our caterers for the day.

With brunch came networking. Members of the FairMoney team interacted with the customers to get their feedback on our newly launched app, as well as new features and what they’d like to see in the product going forward.

A customer takes notes during the presentation.

To close out the day, FairMoney CEO, Laurin Hainy gave a vote of thanks and expressed our appreciation to the customers for taking time out of their schedules to celebrate with us and help build a better product and service for them. It was indeed a great day of fun, sharing and connections and we look forward to the next FairMoney Customer Day! To the moon!