First things first, January is here!!!! We made to the New Year, the long awaited 2020 has finally arrived. The relationship that we, FairMoney, have built with you in 2019 is only going to get better this new year as we prepare to roll out new features on the app – as we discussed in last week’s blog post, which you can read here.

Whenever a new year comes around, there are jokes about how long January stretches but, in the case of January 2020, it is actually not a joke. This month is longer than the average month by one extra week, making it a five-week-long month. The horror!

December, as we all know, is for enjoyment and is often alive with festivities, which require that money must be spent. Indeed, money has been spent and this instantly makes January an arduous month, coupled with the fact that it will feel like it goes on for longer than necessary.  Here are some tips on how best to navigate this month financially:

1. Create a budget

One way to survive the longest month in the year is to create a budget. Make plans to maximize the funds you have left for your most important needs. Last month was for enjoyment and now we need to find a way to manage our leftover cash.

2. Reduce your expenses

Another way to survive January is by finding the most effective ways to spend less. As already promised, the relationship that exists between you and us will only get better and one way we are ensuring this is by offering a 10% discount on each airtime and data purchase – for an airtime purchase of ₦1,200 you save ₦120, for example. This also applies to bill payments on the app, as the Cable TV payments do not attract transaction fees. In the past month, all customers who paid their Cable TV bills with FairMoney did so with no service charge, saving as much as ₦100 per transaction. These are some of the ways we help to ease whatever financial stress that January brings.  

3. Break out your savings

You know all the money you saved last year? It is time to break that piggy bank and get it out. When you save, it is like gifting money to your future self, and there is no better time than the present to cash out on that gift.  

If things get too much, remember that FairMoney is your financial friend and, as a true friend, we are always here when you need us. Between November and December there was a 10% increase in loan disbursements, this is to tell you that you are not alone and, as we came through for all of those people, we will do the same for you. When you seek financial help just log into the app and apply for the loan you need because at FairMoney we give no excuses.

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