One way to be certain that your have experienced growth over a period of time is by looking back and reflecting on the progress you have made during said period. 2019 is rounding up, and we have less than fifteen days to the end of the year. There is no better time than now to recount how well we have done in the financial aspects of our lives. 

Growth is an important aspect of the human existence and at FairMoney we are invested in the financial growth of our clients, this is why we took to Social media to ask what achievements have been made by our clients in their finances in 2019.  Here are some of their stories:

For most of Lois’ life, her parents had taken care of her finances, which includes pocket money on a monthly basis. But with the dawn of 2019, she decided that she would learn to become more financially responsible. The first step to achieving this was getting a job. The year is rounding up and, with her new job, she has been able to pay for her ITELs, fund her Masters degree and is generally happy with the financial independence she has gained. 

Francis, is a married man with three kids, who lives in the second most expensive state in the country, Lagos. For him, his biggest financial achievement in life is being able to meet all his major financial commitments for the year, which includes school fees for his kids, as well as his house rent. 

Ayomide, like Lois, was able to get a job. Although the pay is not satisfactory she recognizes that she has gone through a growth process learning new things on the job, while she looks forward to a fatter bank account come 2020. 

It does not matter how little you think you may have achieved you need to recognize and acknowledge all that you have done this year. If you feel like you did not give your best, January 1st 2020 is on its way.