How important is money to you? It’s a question that often answers itself. In fact, our Twitter polls attest to this. View here.

Money is undeniably important in life. You can’t pay your bills and feed your family on just love and passion, and this is a harsh truth. However, making money is as important as leading a happy and fulfilling life. 

You can make money from the things you love and are passionate about. There is a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction that comes from working on something that is close to your heart, something that kindles your inner fire, and something you are good at. Finding that passion, following through with it, and earning a living from it is not a facade. Luckily for you, nowadays different entrepreneurs have shown that this is achievable. The passion of an entrepreneur is aided by technology, especially social media among other things.

Here are a few things you would need to put into consideration to make money from your passion:


Passion is never enough, you need to actually be competent enough in that business. It is important to be aware of the business you’re going into, the risks that come with it, the opportunities and what the competition is like in that industry.


Always seek new knowledge. More than that, look for the most successful people in your industry and do not be afraid to ask for their opinions or advice. When you are highly ambitious, you have an internal drive to work hard, you will not look for shortcuts as you are willing to put in the time necessary to get the job done right.


Be careful not to do the same thing everyone else does you may not enjoy new and better results. While you learn what other businesses in the same field do, you should try a different approach to find what works best and also can set you apart.


While listening is important for effective communication, you must also know when you need to take control of the conversation, assert your opinions and beliefs and also market yourself.

People have different traits and interests, and thus, there is no single answer to whether you should seek money or not, but what is more important regardless of what you seek is living a fulfilled life. Working in a profession you love can fill your life with joy and result in the willingness to work even harder while at it.