As a student, working-class, or business owner, certain bills are non- negotiable, let’s not even start counting. These bills will come knocking when you least expect them ( since you will never invite them by the way). But do you know what is more frustrating than having bills to pay? Having to go through stress to pay them and still pay extra charges.

One would think gone are the days to go through stress to pay bills, but some people are still living in this era. How do I know?

I was with a friend recently and while watching a show, the subscription expired. She apologized for the interruption and quickly reached for the door. I asked where she was headed and she responded: “To renew the Cable TV subscription of course”. But you can do that on your FairMoney App, “Err, I just like to pay at the nearby office”. This was her usual routine, she does not only walk down the street to pay bills, but she also pays extra fees too. 

Now, imagine you get a reward every time you pay bills in the comfort of your home. This is the sweet life you sign up for when you buy Airtime, Data, and Pay Bills on your FairMoney App. All you have to do is download the FairMoney App, select the bill you want to pay, and follow the simple instructions.

You will not only experience fast and stress-free service, but you’ll also enjoy other beautiful benefits such as:

  • 3% discount on any amount of Airtime and Data recharge.
  • No extra charges on all bills paid.
  • An improved credit score, that is, the more you pay bills, the more you qualify for a good loan amount

Note: You can subscribe to any Cable TV and Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Nigeria and you can also buy any amount of Airtime and Data from your preferred network provider.

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