You probably know that beautiful moment when your phone beeps and you pick it up to see your account has been credited with your long-awaited salary. If there’s any time you’re ever grateful you have a job it would be this moment where all the dreams you’ve been waiting for throughout the month can finally come true.

Remember that shoe you saw on Instagram? The perfect time to buy it has come. In fact, if you and bae have not gone somewhere special in a while, then it’s time to plan a special weekend treat. Payday is truly one of the favourite times of the month!

However, in all of this excitement, please take a break to consider these three things you should never do with your salary.

Silly Investments
Never spend your salary on one of those suspicious investment offers. They always seem too good to be true and promise to double your money in three weeks, maybe even three days. Listen, you don’t need a prophet to tell you, putting your money into unverified and unclear investment sources is as bad as dumping a bag of money into the sea. The chances of getting it back are very unlikely.

Staking Your Salary On a Bet
Another thing just as bad as an unwise investment is placing all your salary on a bet you’re hoping to win. First of all, one of the basic rules of betting is never to stake an amount of money you can’t afford to lose. Secondly, one of the basic rules of life is never to put all your eggs in one basket! So take it easy, no matter how confident you feel about a bet, there’s always that chance that you could be wrong and it would be very sad to lose all you have on an unsuccessful bet.

Spending to Impress Your Friends
Let’s think about this for a second. How is it wise to take the money you worked for nine hours every weekday and spend it all in one night because you had to show your friends you’re a big spender? You can spend to impress in many ways. From throwing a party way above your budget to buying clothes you can’t afford just for the gram. Don’t be a spendthrift. Spend your money on the right things like your health, education, business, and loved ones.

What Should You Spend On?
Wondering what the best things are to spend your paycheck on? We’ve got a few ideas.
1. Start a business
2. Attend a class
3. Buy and read more books
4. Eat healthy
5. Learn a new skill
6. Visit a loved one
7. Take a vacation from work

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