Hi FairFam!

As you know, It is our duty to look out for you, and it is also your duty to look out for yourself and your finance.

We know you are smart enough not to get scammed, however, it’s important that we keep reminding you of the need to be more security conscious and that’s because we care for you.

Here are some of the fastest ways you can lose your money if you are not vigilant enough.

1) Giving out your personal security details.
When you receive a call from someone who claims to be an agent from FairMoney and the person says they are your account officer and want to request for your BVN, Password, OTP, ATM Pin, CVV, Bank Token and ATM Card details, please just be reminded that the person is a scammer because FairMoney will never call you or reach out to you requesting for such sensitive details. If you give out any of this information, your money will be gone in a minute.
All your transactions can only be done on the FairMoney app.

It is important to note that impostors can reach you via different communication channels such as:
i) Fake social media accounts.
ii) A phone call, SMS, or chat.

i) Fake social media accounts:
Nowadays, scammers operate more on social media platforms.
Remember, anyone can download a logo from the internet and create a fake account with it.
Please before you chat with any account on social media, ensure the account is verified with a blue tick.  FairMoney will never ask for your personal security details on social media.

ii) A call, SMS or chat:
A stranger can disguise to be a FairMoney agent, they may call you, send an SMS or even chat up with you, please do not entertain such communication, in fact, block them immediately and report them via help@fairmoney.ng.

2) Upfront Payment/Upgrade/Investment scheme:

An impostor can convince you to pay some money to take a loan, to pay for upfront or even pay for a loan upgrade. It is not normal because FairMoney will never request for an upfront payment or an upgrade fee, all transactions on the FairMoney app are free. Shine your eyes and don’t lose your money to an impostor. We are also not involved in any investment scheme.

Remember, we care about your safety.
If you need to make any enquiry about your FairMoney account, you can always reach out to us via help@fairmoney.ng and we’ll be glad to assist you ASAP!

Stay Safe FairFam! :green_heart: