Every business has its milestones, some more celebrated than others. The first office space, the first million in revenue, the 10th employee, the first 100 customers, the first round of funding raised (especially for startups) and so on.

Milestones put perspective on a company’s journey, shows growth and puts perspective on the larger, long-term vision of the company’s founders, staff and investors. At FairMoney, we no too like dey brag but this one is a big one. It’s the big 500 and in this lending business, it’s a big freaking deal!

For the first time since March 2018 – exactly one year since we launched – FairMoney disbursed over N500 million in short-term, quick loans in March 2019. That’s half a billion naira, people! To achieve this, we accessed over 139,000 loan applications and we cannot be more thankful to the thousands of Nigerians who have trusted our service and helped us get to this point.

Hitting this milestone didn’t come without its share of difficulties (which business doesn’t have them?) but we overcame them because we are here for a reason and we have a kickass team who are committed to making sure that we fulfill our promise to our incredible customers and keep our lofty ambitions in sight.

This is only one of many milestones that we hope to accomplish. Our ambitions go far beyond N500 million in loan disbursements. We will continue to put in the work to grow with our customers, achieve new milestones and most importantly, deliver top-notch service. Of course, we will be sharing every important bit of this journey with you because why not?

Remember, the new FairMoney app is live, our newly-minted Facebook community is rearing to go and we are constantly developing our processes to give you the finance you need, when you need it.

To the moon!