From travelling around the world and spending nights in the fanciest of hotels to buying extravagant jewellery, expensive shoes and bags or owning the latest smartphone, having and spending a lot of money is one of the most frequent things people daydream about. In the perfect Nigerian slang, everyone is waiting for when they will blow.

Before you get lost in one of those your favorite dreams, hang on, what if you were given about N150,000 right now and told it was yours to spend however you wanted, what would you do?

We were curious about what responses people had to this question so we visited Quora and checked out the responses people gave to a similar question. Here are ten of the responses we found: 

  1. Pay Tithe
  2. Eat Out
  3. Schedule a Massage
  4. Hire a Yoga Trainer
  5. Buy Books
  6. Go for a Live Theater Performance
  7. Buy a New Pair of Sneakers
  8. Pay For a Software Subscription
  9. Buy New Clothes
  10. Save for a car/house/travel

Are these responses giving you any ideas? Well, as your financial partner we also came up with three categories of things we believe are the wisest things to first consider when you have extra cash to spend.

1. Make Valuable Purchases

A great way to make the most out of extra cash is considering very valuable things to purchase that will be of great benefit to you months and even years from now. For example, buying a home gadget like a washing machine or a fridge. These items can quickly improve your life, helping you save time, money and energy to do other things. You can also make very valuable purchases by taking advantage of amazing discounts, promos and sales as they come. This way you get essential items, whether clothes, food items or services at lower prices.

2. A Short-Term Investment Plan

Another way to spend wisely is to look for quality investment opportunities that can help you get more value for your money. Extra cash is money you can afford not to spend immediately, so why not invest it and watch your interest grow. There are currently many trusted investment portfolios you can benefit from, even in a short time. From agriculture to, treasury bills, small business, etc. However, be sure it is a genuine and reliable investment institution you choose to partner with.

3. Finance A Personal Project

You have things you’ve been dying to do. It could be as simple as taking up a diet plan, joining a gym class or learning to swim. Or it could be something as brave as putting resources in that hobby of yours you believe can help you make additional income or financing that creative idea you’ve had for years. Since most of your basic needs are out of the way, why not take the bold step and do something that will give you more fulfillment as an individual.

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