With FairMoney, you get to make Bank transfers free of charge

Enjoy 30 Free Bank Transfers Monthly

No more transfer charges or hidden fees. Bank, transfer and keep your money just the way you left it. By default, all FairMoney customers a maximum of N200,000 deposit per day, a maximum of N200,000 bank transfers per day, a maximum of N500,000 in the account balance. To enjoy higher limits, you can simply request for an upgrade!

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Here’s What Our Customers Say About Us.
My favourite thing about my FairMoney account is the free transfer because I do a lot of transfers around salary period. When I’m now balancing my account, it won’t balance again because of the transfer charge. Never again. The thing I like is the all-in-one ness. Once money enters my account, I can easily transfer some to FairSave or FairLock. No excuses, no stress of transferring out. Everything is in one place.
Cheta Odigbo, 38
FairMoney Digital Bank has been OutStanding, excellent customer service, whether I’m opening a new account, getting a loan, fairsaving or fairlocking funds. Overall: If you need synchronization of multiple channels in Digital Banking, the best Bank is FairMoney.
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Its been a wonderful experience. Fairmoney is a great financial institution online not just a loan app,with Fairmoney I can run transactions as I wish
Kelechi Atulayo
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I put money in my FairMoney bank account?

To fund your FairMoney account:
- Log in to the latest version of the FairMoney app. - You will see the ‘Add Money’ button on the upper-left-hand corner of the home screen
- Tap that button
- Select your preferred option to Fund your account by either a bank transfer or a USSD transfer
- For bank transfer, copy your FairMoney bank account number and make a transfer from any bank.
- For the USSD method, you are required to input the amount you would like to fund your account with.
- When this is done, you can dial the USSD code for your bank from the FairMoney app and fund your FairMoney account.

Can I transfer to other banks using my Fairmoney bank account?

Yes. You can transfer to any bank account in Nigeria directly from your FairMoney app.

Is there a limit to the transfers I can make with my account/are there transaction limits?

Yes, by default, all FairMoney customers have the following limits:
- A maximum of N200,000 deposit per day
- A maximum of N200,000 bank transfers per day
- A maximum of N500,000 in the account balance

What do I do to upgrade my FairMoney account limit?

To upgrade your account, you need to provide us with a copy of a government-issued ID (like your driver’s licence, national ID card or voter’s card) and any document with your full name and house address as a proof of address (utility bill, bank statement, LAWMA Waste Bill). These documents should be sent to myaccount@fairmoney.ng